Why Buy Graphic Media Alliance Publications?

All publications put out by Graphic Media Alliance are specifically designed for the printing and graphic arts industry. Each publication was created by experts and printing industry professionals. Most of the publications were made in Ohio and northern Kentucky with Graphic Media Alliance regions in mind. We strive to make these resources available to all printing and graphic arts communicators at reasonable prices.

NOTE: All prices indicated below include Franklin County sales tax at 7.5%.

2018 Wage & Benefit Survey

An invaluable tool for management planning from a local, regional and national prospective. The manual includes: current, up-to-date information on Ohio and Northern Kentucky printers, information broken down by regions, frequency of wage increases, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, insurance benefits and retirement plans, wages for pre-press, press, bindery and finishing operations, salaries for administrative and management personnel and compensation for sales professionals.

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2016 Sales Compensation Survey

The 2016 Sales Compensation Survey was the first significant survey of print providers since the economic downturn of 2009. Over 160 companies and 750 sales reps from across the United States comprised the database. While the vast majority of the individuals surveyed were employed by general commercial printers, the survey also included wide format, digital, packaging, and mailing firms – with many of those general commercial printers also providing those services. Is there a type of sales compensation plan which is better than another for print providers? This question is asked quite often by industry executives, and it was one of the goals of the recent survey conducted by the Printing Industries of Ohio • N. Kentucky and other Printing Industries of America affiliates this past spring. The answer, which was no surprise, was there are dozens of ways to compensate sales reps. If you compensate sales reps, you need this information. It includes a special report on Packaging and Finishing!

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Disaster Planning Mutual Assistance Guide - Members Only

What would happen if a windstorm hit your plant and shut you down temporarily? Or how about a lightning strike that destroys your computer network? Who would you call? How would you get back in operation? Would you have the right kind of insurance? These are the kinds of questions that are best answered PRIOR to the actuality of a fire, tornado, or flood devastating a company. Yet, ask any small businessperson if they have planned for this type of plant closure, and 99% of the time the answer is no, and the primary reason is lack of time. In mid 2000, Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky's Board of Directors determined that a program was needed to help the membership plan and deal with disaster recovery. This publication is the result of the Printing Industries of Texas Disaster Recovery Committee and has been modified with their permission to meet the needs of our Association's members. We hope that you make the best use of it, and if nothing else keep it handy – just in case.

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Safety Manual - MEMBERS ONLY

This safety manual, provided on a CD-ROM in PDF format, is a basic Safety and Health program designed and authorized for use by members of the Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky Group Rating Trust. It is now available to ALL our members. It was developed in cooperation with American Safety and Health Management, safety consultants for the PIA Group Rating Trust. This handbook has been reviewed by industry experts, safety professionals and by member safety managers. It is comprehensive, industry-specific and a valuable tool for any size printing firm. For non-member information, please call your Business Development Director at 888-576-1971.

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Printing Industries of America Publications

As a Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky member, you are able to access savings of 10-50% off nonmember prices on Printing Industries of America bookstore items! 

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