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Protecting Your Business

Federated Insurance

We know you work hard to cover all your bases. Your work areas are clear of hazards. Your customers are as safe from injury as they can be. You’ve meticulously maintained all your equipment and properties. But sometimes, things just happen. And the responsibility to make it right falls on you.

Take the worry out of it with our protection. Peace of mind comes with properly managing your risks to help avoid personal injury and property damage, and help protect you from financial harm if something goes wrong.

When you partner with Federated, you get more than just a policy.

You benefit from well over a century of experience in making businesses as successful as they can be. Our seasoned insurance professionals will help you manage risks to help you avoid the devastation that comes with filing a claim. Here are just a few of the resources we offer that help you ensure the success of your business and your employees:

  • Risk Management Academy®
  • Meet mySHIELD®
  • Federated Employment Practices Network®
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Risk Management Webinars

Contact us today to learn how Federated Insurance can provide the Insurance and HR solutions you need.

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Protecting Your Assets

NAM Cyber Cover:

GMA has partnered to bring you an innovative and comprehensive solution to help you manage, mitigate, respond to, and recover from cyberattacks. Through our partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), we are now offering a cyber insurance and risk management product designed specifically for manufacturers and their needs. Learn more about NAM Cyber Cover here.

Cyber Risk Assessment:

Do you know how vulnerable your organization is to a cyberattack? How do you rank against others like you? Do you have critical risks you should address immediately? Find out with NAM Cyber Cover’s complimentary Cyber Risk Assessment – based on publicly available data. Request yours here.

Risk Management:

Prevention is the best protection. NAM Cyber Cover’s tools help you understand what cyber vulnerabilities you have, so you can be proactive to protect your business instead of reactive to manage a cyberattack. Get your complimentary Risk Assessment today.

Your most valuable asset isn't the machinery on the floor or the paper in your warehouse... it's your employees! Find out more information on taking care of your employees