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The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) promotes participation in the worldwide movement to reduce environmental impact and increase social responsibility of the graphic communications industry through sustainable green practices.

SGP is the only whole facility certification program for the graphic communication industry. They provide third party certification through a publicly vetted set of criteria. They believe sustainability is a means of continuous improvement for every aspect of your business – from process to people to profitability. After all, if your business isn’t profitable, it can’t be sustainable. This is why SGP’s comprehensive accreditation ensures that your printing facility hits the benchmark across the spectrum, and inevitably, creates a more responsible supply chain.

According to SGP, certified printers have continued to show compelling results through measurable data. On average, certified facilities reduced:

  1. Electricity consumption by 60%
  2. Water use by 52%
  3. Carbon footprint by 63%
  4. Solid waste from 76 – 83%

Why should my facility get certified by SGP? SGP certification provides credibility in the marketplace. Going beyond single attribute certification systems, SGP provides for third party validation of sustainability efforts thus avoiding “green-washing.” Certification by the SGP program provides a strong return on investment (ROI) by identifying operational improvements and waste reductions. SGP also sets facilities on the path of continuous improvement offering ongoing benefits. Read about the impact of SGP certification.

What is SGP certification? Certification is given to facilities that have met the rigorous standards of the criteria developed by SGP. This is the only whole-facility certification program developed as a collaborative effort of the entire printing industry to define what it means to be a sustainable printer and to offer credible validation by a third party.

Who can apply? Any commercial printing, packaging, label, screen, large format, or related graphic communication facility located in the United States and Canada is eligible. This includes binding, finishing and loose leaf facilities, in-plant printing operations, and printing departments within educational institutions.

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