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Graphic Media Alliance is thrilled to unveil our latest initiative for 2024: GMAENERGY(+). As an Association committed to driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we're proud to expand our energy savings program to encompass a broader spectrum, now including gas, electric, demand response, and green energy solutions. While our legacy services have consistently aimed at minimizing operational expenses, our new program takes it a step further by introducing tailored solutions in each region we serve. Moreover, it's not just about cost reduction; in numerous instances, this program opens doors to revenue-generating opportunities.

We understand that staying ahead in an ever-evolving landscape requires innovation and adaptability. GMAENERGY(+) embodies this ethos by offering diverse and region-specific solutions to empower your business. We're dedicated to providing avenues for new streams of revenue.

Embrace the possibilities that our program brings, and let's navigate this landscape together toward a more sustainable and prosperous future.



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So What is Demand Response?

Demand Response is the reduction of electric usage in response to electric grid emergencies or high energy prices. During these critical times, an “event” is called by the grid operator, and businesses then agree to reduce certain electric usage in exchange for financial compensation or “incentive payments”. Members can reduce electricity consumption off the grid in two ways, self generation or usage reduction.

How Does Demand Response Work?

Get paid to support a more affordable, reliable, and sustainable grid.

Energy users get paid by grid operators, utilities, or virtual power plants to conserve or shift electricity use in response to grid signals. These signals can be triggered by 1) a lack of energy supply (from heat waves, storms, downed power plants, renewable energy variability), 2) high prices, 3) high emissions on the grid, or other reasons.

Demand response can also generate value for energy users in the form of electricity bill savings when leveraged to actively avoid demand charges. Demand response serves as a lifeline for grid operators and utilities to prevent blackouts or shut offs which can be extremely disruptive, even deadly, to businesses and residents.

We identify every dollar from every type of distributed energy resource across every electricity market. We then monetize these DERs through demand response, price response, carbon reduction payments, demand charge avoidance, and energy management technology.