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Regional Annual Council Meeting

All Regions Annual Meeting - Wednesday, November 10th at 10:00 am  

The 2021 Regional Council Annual Meetings will take place on November 10th as a combined event featuring Gary Jones with his annual update on EPA and OSHA regulations. New officers and members will be elected via email prior to the webinar on the 10th.

The regional annual meetings are open to all Graphic Media Alliance members and guests and is free of charge. The meeting will also serve as the fourth quarter meeting of each Regional Advisory Council. The presentation should be completed no later than noon.


Each region will handle the business portion of the meeting, nominating and electing regional council members and board representatives, by email prior to the webinar. Gary's presentation on EPA and OSHA regulations and updates will be held as a webinar combined for all regions.


Gary Jones, Director of Environmental, Health and Safety Affairs, PRINTING United Alliance

Gary Jones will be the featured speaker and his talk will have updates for each region but will include the following for all four regions:

  • Air Quality (Ozone non-attainment), updates
  • EPA de-regulatory efforts
  • OSHA updates and enforcement
  • How will the election results affect EHS impact in our industry

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For more information, please contact your BDD or call GMA at 614-794-2300.

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