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A Different Sales Approach

I don’t think this is an original thought, but my friend Kelly Mallozzi often says, “if you keep doing what you’re doing, you will keep getting what you’re getting.”

Entering a new year, we make pledges and promises. We set goals. The common denominator comes down to one word: Different. That is, what will you do this year that is different from what you did last year?

In answering this question, your mind might go to sales activities: more calls, more new business, etc. Or, you might think of your target market differently and go after a different kind of account or a different sized company. What I am suggesting is you get more basic than that.

I want you to re-frame WHAT you do and think of it in a completely different manner.

Start here…

Someone asks what you do for work. What is your answer? Is it, “I sell print/signage/labels/promo…?” Are you a bit more grandiose and say, “I am in the graphic arts”?

While that is your job, it’s not what you actually do. What you do is to help your clients grow. You help customers find their customers. You help them differentiate. You solve problems. You find solutions. It just so happens the tools used to solve these problems are print/signage/labels/promo.

Why is this even a thing? Why is it important?

Because people who sell print/signage/labels/promo quote numbers, sell on price, and have temporary client relationships. Those who see what they do in a different light sit at the ‘Cool Table’, consult with clients, and win their orders based on ideas. Their opinions are sought after. They form life-long bonds with customers.

You are one simple mind-shift away from joining them.

So, I will ask you again, What do you do?

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