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2023 Annual Council Meeting Recap

At the recent Annual Council Meeting, our guest presentations centered on crucial industry-related topics. 

Jeff Smith of Fisher Phillips discussed Ohio's passing of Issue 2, legalizing recreational marijuana use by December 7, 2023, while outlining protections for employers concerning employee cannabis use in the workplace. He emphasized the importance of preparing for the legalization of recreational marijuana, suggesting steps for employers to safeguard their workplaces

Rob Myers of Ohio Industrial Energy (OIE) detailed the services offered by OIE, focusing on negotiating electric and natural gas rates for GMA members, while highlighting the potential for revenue generation through Demand Response programs.

Additionally, Stephanie Jarrett of Fishbeck introduced their new partnership with GMA, emphasizing their role in providing updates on environmental regulations, compliance reporting, and offering various environmental services like permitting, air quality compliance, and industrial hygiene.

The presentations offered valuable information and strategies for attendees to implement in their workplaces, underscoring the significance of proactive measures in response to evolving industry landscapes.

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