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Webinar: Insights into Financial Benchmarking

Tuesday, November 14, 2023 | 12:30 - 1:30 pm

Dr. Williams explains that in this webinar we will discuss helpful insights from our March 2023/Printing Industry Performance & Insights – Financial Benchmarking Report. "Discuss" is a keyword in the previous sentence. We will address your questions and seek your insights.

Financial analysis contributes to strategic planning and provides strategic direction assessment. From our report and webinar discussion, we hope to provide you with financial benchmarking tools and enhance your ability to use those tools.

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March's Financial Benchmarks, Ratios, and Actionable Thoughts Survey Results

You will find industry financial benchmarks and ratios helpful in assessing your firm’s performance! Our data can open your eyes to a path for improving your firm’s performance! That’s why we are committed to annually providing regional printing association members with financial benchmarking and ratio knowledge.

Our report contains four sections:

  • Income statement and cost categories as a percentage of revenue
  • Balance sheets and related ratios
  • Cash management indicators
  • Summary with some key takeaways

The report includes income statements and cost categories as a percentage of revenue, balance sheets and related ratios, and cash management indicators. We had enough surveys to generate numbers for high performers and a few industry segments. In addition to the financial numbers, we provide actionable thoughts for you and your management team.

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