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The Workplace is Evolving in 2023

Source: Fisher Phillips, April 13, 2023

Employers need to rethink the way they’ve been operating – because the workplace has been evolving at a rapid pace. In order to stay competitive in the marketplace and offer your employees the kind of environment where they can thrive, you need to spend some time looking at things in a different way. This Insight will provide you some ideas to consider as you look to stay in compliance – and on the cutting edge.

The Evolution of Workplace Policies

When’s the last time you updated your employee appearance policies? The expectations and standards you might have created as recently as a few years ago may be outdated – not just because of cultural shifts but because of new legal obligations. 

Your bereavement policies might be out of date, too. Not just because of expansive new state and local laws – and there have been plenty of them – but also because the modern trend of focusing on employee mental health and well-being has led to an evolution of thinking about bereavement leave. 

Is it time to change up the way you manage PTO to match your employees’ preferences? Many employers are switching to an “unlimited PTO” model to provide much-appreciated flexibility and administrative relief — but there are also a few pitfalls to avoid. 

What are workcations, bleisure travel, and hush trips – and why does your company need a new policy to cover them? If you have employees who work remotely or travel for business, they’ve likely considered taking their laptop to the beach or maybe even abroad. Perhaps they’ve already done so without telling you. 

Do you need a TikTok and BeReal policy? Changing dynamics in the world of social media mean that you may want to set new guidelines for its use at the workplace – while still ensuring your policies don’t run afoul of employment and labor laws. 

Positions at Your Workplace are Evolving

Have you considered whether your company needs a Chief Remote Officer? If you have employees working from home, it might be time to give some thought to retaining a CRO. 

Speaking of job descriptions, they might need a refresh for 2023. We developed a checklist of items to consider when updating your job descriptions – which can be the cornerstone of an effective compliance program and help you minimize litigation risks. 

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