Check out our third Best of Show video as we continue to celebrate the winners from the 2018 Grand Ceremony. See this week's Best of Show video premier and get inspired to participate in the 2019 Print Excellence Awards contest!


Join us for a mid-term exam on the success of the Trump administration's reductions to government regulation. Plan now to hear Gary Jones, SGIA's Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety Affairs, bring you up-to-date at one of our regional fall meetings, November 13th through 15th.


Deborah Corn of the Print Media Centr shared info and interactive links to help us all celebrate International Print Day - October 17th!


The iLearning Center has added a new course on Under Color Removal (UCR) and Gray Component Replacement (GCR) in preparation for printing. As always the iLearning Center is available as a free benefit to printer-members.


We’re sure you feel like flu season just ended and now it’s already rolling back around. We know the feeling! Teladoc has shared some tips to avoid colds and the flu and steps you should take if you do get sick.


One of the benefits of membership is the technical expertise provided by PIA. See the October issue of their Q&A, "Ask the Technical Experts," for advice on a formula to calculate ink usage, health effects of spray powder and California's Proposition 65's impact on printers in other states.


Every week, we update you about what is happening locally, nationally, and around the world. This week's news includes articles on the USPS rate increase proposal, the DTC Cybersecurity Best Practices webinar - Oct 24th, 6 Tips for a Secure Fall Clean-Out, and as always, our Employment News.


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