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Andrew Paparozzi to Speak at Leadership Conference

The State of the Industry and the economic future of the printing industry is a crucial topic to delve into, as it affects members, suppliers, customers, and the overall printing landscape. Andrew Paparozzi does an excellent job of analyzing trends that define the industry. His articles are always relevant and feature various business conditions and insight from company owners for real-life conditions facing the industry. We are looking forward to hearing his presentation in person and learning about the trends and conditions to watch for in the coming year.

Andrew Paparozzi

Andrew D. Paparozzi joined SGIA as Chief Economist in 2018. He analyzes and reports on economic, technological, social and demographic trends that will define the printing industry’s future. His most important responsibility, however, is being an observer of the industry by listening to the issues and concerns of company owners, executives and managers. Previously, he worked 31 years at the National Association for Printing Leadership. He has also taught mathematics, statistics and economics at various colleges. Andrew holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Boston College and a Master’s degree in economics — with concentrations in econometrics and public finance — from Columbia University. 

For a preview of his presentation, here's a recent article he wrote for Printing Impressions about business conditions leading to success in 2019.




SEPTEMBER 15 - 17, 2019


This year's conference will be held at Quest Conference Center in Columbus, Ohio and will feature sessions packed with information to help you keep your company in the best shape possible to meet the challenges of the future. Casino Night, the Grand Ceremony and the Golf Tournament will keep the conference as lively as ever. Mark your calendars today!

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